The complicated case of how Girl Scout cookies are sold in the Garden State

Those who order Girl Scout cookies in New Jersey may have noticed that depending on where one orders them from, there may be different options.
It turns out that Girl Scout cookies are produced by two bakeries: ABC Bakers in Virginia and Little Brownie in Kentucky. Their five main cookies are partly the same – but also different.
ABC Bakery’s Thin Mints are crunchier than Little Brownie’s. Each company also has other cookies that are exclusive, like Little Brownie’s Tagalongs.
One bakery usually covers most states or even whole regions of the country.
But, like most things in New Jersey, it is a little more complicated here. The Garden State is divided into four different Girl Scout councils.
The Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey – which covers most of the state south of Interstate 287 and west of the Jersey Shore – gets cookies from ABC Bakery. Meanwhile, the other three regions of New Jersey get cookies from Little Brownie.
Almost no other state has such a patchwork of cookie distributors in such a small area. The sweet spot to get the most variety is Middlesex County, based on how the two territories intersect. Those who have a Girl Scout cookie craving can get whichever cookies they please within a few miles.
Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey CEO Natasha Hemmings says the whole thing underscores how the benefits of this national cookie drive really are mostly local.
“The great thing about the Girl Scout cookie program is it keeps the profits local. By buying Girl Scout cookies, you're actually supporting the girls’ dreams and their programs, their travel opportunities and you’re supporting even their service projects,” she says.