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Thanksgiving on a budget. Here are some ways to save on the holiday meal

Almost everything is more expensive this holiday season due to inflation and supply chain issues – including food.

News 12 Staff

Nov 22, 2021, 10:11 PM

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Almost everything is more expensive this holiday season due to inflation and supply chain issues – including food.
With Thanksgiving just a few days away, some people are figuring out how to save money while still making a perfect Thanksgiving meal.
Vicki Brock, of Long Branch, was able to get her Thanksgiving ham for free as part of the ShopRite Price Plus Club. The chain is giving away free hams and turkeys to customers who spend a certain amount.
“It’s a big help. I make sure I spend the $400 on the two previous shopping trips just so I can get that,” Brock says.
She is hosting about 13 family members on Thursday for Thanksgiving. She says she is very aware of the high price of food.
“We talk about it all the time. I’m always complaining about it,” Brock says.
She says she is also making her own desserts and has been using coupons.
“Today alone I probably saved $30 or $40 minimum,” Brock says.
Experts say that Thanksgiving turkeys can take up to 40% of the holiday costs. So how can customers save? Experts say to look for the store brands. The ShopRite 24-pound turkey costs $40, while the Butterball is $52. An organic turkey costs $77. If the holiday gathering is smaller this year, experts suggest getting a turkey breast instead of the full bird.
Store brand sides are also cheaper. Store brand cranberry sauce can be found for 99 cents per can. Customers can also save with the purchase of frozen vegetables.
The shelves at Stew Leonard’s are fully stocked. The chain isn’t dealing with the supply chain issues because much of the produce is purchased locally.
“That way we don’t have to pay the long freight time from California or Idaho a lot of retailers have to rely on,” says Paul McLean, of Stew Leonard’s.
McLean has another suggestion for those who really like turkey.
“Buy a little bigger turkey if you need to, because the price per pound is $2.69 or lower. You can make extra pot pies or extra meals with the leftovers,” he says.
Another suggestion to save money this Thanksgiving is to buy in bulk.

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