Tenants wait for update on second Plainfield building owned by company of recently condemned apartments

Residents of another Plainfield apartment building are waiting Friday to learn if they will be able to stay their homes.
Ten days after dozens of residents were forced out of 501 West 7th St., tenants at the next-door building are wondering if they will face the same fate.
Both 501 and 515 West 7th St. are owned by Cyclone Investment Group.
Inspectors were seen on Thursday at 515 West 7th St. If that building is condemned, dozens more families will be forced to find new homes.
The city is expected to tell the residents whether they have to leave at 8 a.m. Friday, according to officials.
Former residents protested on Thursday night outside of a building on Arlington Avenue, where tenants had also been evicted weeks earlier.
Tenants say the property owner needs to take responsibility for the evictions.
"The owner does have more properties that are either going to be shut down or have already been shut down. So, there are a lot of families, a lot of kids, and it's unfair,” said Plainfield tenant Estephany Blanco. “We wish they would've done right by us, but this is why we're here now.'
In the meantime, hotel vouchers may be expiring for the residents who are already evicted at the first building. However, the city says they can request an extension.