Teenage Devils fan wins season tickets with a tweet

What started out as a simple tweet to the New Jersey Devils turned into season tickets for a Monmouth County teenager.
Marlboro teen Nick Donnelly sent the New Jersey Devils a tweet Tuesday afternoon asking “How many retweets for free season tickets?”
The team got back to him with a formula for the number: The number of years the team has been in New Jersey (35) multiplied by the combined numbers of the team’s five retired players’ numbers (4+3+27+30+26) and multiply that by the number of Stanley Cups the Devils have won (3) equals 9,450 retweets.
Donnelly was given a week to get the nearly 10,000 retweets, but hit the number six hours later thanks to help from Devils players and other NHL teams.
The teen says that his dad didn’t believe him right away when he told him that he won the season tickets.
“My dad was like ‘Are you sure that this is the real NJ Devils that you’re tweeting?’” Donnelly said.
Donnelly, who plays on his high school’s hockey team, says that he will work hard to make sure he can find the time to see the Devils’ home games.