Team 12 investigation: Subway shooting suspect was once patient at NJ mental health facility

News 12 has obtained new information about Frank James, the man accused of shooting nearly a dozen people inside of a Brooklyn subway station earlier this week.
A Kane In Your Corner investigation exposed how James had released hours of social media videos, including some ranting about Bridgeway House, a mental health service provider in New Jersey.
“These are the people that was supposed to be helping me. They may be worse. They [expletive] made me worse. They made me more dangerous than I could ever been in anything anybody could ever [expletive] imagine,” James said in one video.
Bridgeway’s CEO told Team 12 that James was a former employee and had never been a patient at the facility.
But Bridgeway released a statement on Friday clarifying that James had been both a patient and an employee there.
“Mr. James was a client at Bridgeway Behavioral Health Services over 15 years ago,” the CEO stated. “Through our Bridgeway employment services program, which helps people with mental health conditions find and sustain meaningful employment, he was briefly employed by us in our maintenance services department.”
Bridgeway says the facility eventually fired James and referred him for additional treatment. The company states that it has had no contact with James since then.