Teacher allegedly told kids to lie on floor, pick cotton while he made whipping sounds during lesson

A teacher at the Toms River Intermediate School allegedly took an American history lesson on slavery too far, as district officials are looking into reports the teacher told kids to lie on the floor and pick cotton while he made whipping sounds during a lesson last Friday.
In a statement to News 12 New Jersey, Toms River School District Spokesperson Michael Kenny says, “We were recently alerted to an alleged incident that took place at Intermediate East regarding a lesson on slavery. Our district is undergoing a thorough investigation. Our curriculum has evolved to include more hands-on, authentic activities."
The statement continued, "As we comb through and further investigate the details of the alleged incident, it seems initially clear that, at the very least, it was the result of poor judgment. We must, as educators, fully consider the context of history in regard to modern times and sensitivities, and continue to maintain a student-centered focus."
The teacher remained in class on Tuesday.