‘Tammy Murphy ain’t it.’ Santos posts Cameo video commenting on NJ Senate race

Former New York Rep. George Santos – who was recently expelled from Congress – is commenting on New Jersey’s Senate race.
Santos, who is accused of using campaign funds on Botox and OnlyFans, started a Cameo account where he will record a message for a fee.
A video message posted on Twitter shows Santos commenting about New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy’s announcement to run for the United States Senate.
“I understand you all have an urgency to replace Senator Gold Bars, but Tammy Murphy just ain’t it,” Santos said.
“Senator Gold Bars” is a reference to current Sen. Bob Menendez who is facing federal bribery charges. Officials say they found bars of gold in Menendez’s home.
Santos is charging $500 for the videos. It was not clear who paid for this one.
Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman recently paid for a Santos video to troll Menendez.