Taking a flight for the holidays? Millions hitting the air despite rising COVID-19 numbers

Travel is way up this holiday season despite rising COVID-19 numbers. Airports, such as Newark Liberty International Airport, are seeing millions of people hitting the air in recent days.
The number of travelers headed through TSA earlier this week across the country was over 1.9 million per day, just shy of 2019 numbers.
“I think it’s less than I expected yes,” says George Arenas, of Teaneck. “I thought it was going to be more crowded.”
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The Transportation Security Administration says it currently has just over 600 employees positive with COVID-19 right now across the country.
Newark has seen 408 cases among TSA workers, most of them screening officers. The latest case to hit was on Dec. 21.
At Newark Liberty International Airport, there have been 408 cases. Nearly all of them are screening officers. The last one tested positive earlier this week.
“We’ve been kind of nervous because we’re actually traveling after here to Columbia International so we’re listening that they might be closing down the airport so we’re a little concerned about that,” says Arenas.
AAA predicts 6.4 million people will be flying this week, with another 100 million on the roads.