SUV crashes into bus bringing students to Montclair elementary school

A bus carrying children to a Montclair elementary school was involved in a crash with an SUV Friday morning.
All the children are OK, and none suffered major injuries.
The accident happened around 9 a.m.
PSEG was on the scene to fix the pole that was taken down by the bus, which was towed about two hours later.
Montclair School District Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Bonds told News 12 New Jersey the bus was driving down Park Street when a car went though a stop sign, hit the bus and pushed it into the utility pole, and then into a fire hydrant.
The car involved, a RAV4, took out a parking sign.
It is not known how many children were on the bus at the time, but News 12 New Jersey was told they were being taken to Hillside Elementary.
All of their parents were called and came to the crash scene to comfort their kids.
At least three adults were taken by ambulance: the bus driver, the car driver and a third person.
"Thank God for our police, and our fire department, our emergency personnel. They came out here quickly, they informed us, we came out as fast as we could. Anyone who needs medical attention is getting medical attention, bus driver and students," Bonds said.
Bonds also issued a reminder for motorists driving near a school bus to pay attention and be extra cautious.
The fire chief said the crash could have been worse than it was.