Surge in Omicron cases draws new concerns as statewide hospitalizations inch closer to 3,000

The continued surge in Omicron cases is causing new concerns among front-line workers as the number of hospitalizations inches closer to 3,000 -- a number not seen since last winter.
Dr. Dan Varga, chief physician executive at Hackensack Meridian Health, says some 600 employees are out because of COVID.
"With this surge it's do we have enough staff?" says Varga. "That's what it comes down to."
Varga says there are enough workers right now as many move around to help those on the front line. However, the front-line workers are running out of weapons.
"That's a big problem right now," says Varga.
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The U.S. is down to one option for monoclonal antibodies to fight Omicron.
"The one remaining monoclonal antibody treatment we have is in very, very short supply," says Varga. "We're trying to allocate that to the most vulnerable, but we'll run out of that in relatively short order."
Varga says almost all cases now are Omicron. He says that is driving up the caseload and could put a strain on hospitals.