Super Bowl watch party: Here is how much it will cost in Las Vegas vs. the comfort of your home

Are you ready to watch Sunday’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers?
If you want to travel to Las Vegas just to watch the game at a bar or casino, here's what you can expect to pay:
The average price for a hotel room this upcoming weekend is nearly $400 per night. Compare that to this past weekend -- prices were $161 a night.
If you are planning to watch from home:
The National Retail Federation says the total Super Bowl spending for food, drinks, apparel and decorations are expected to reach a record $17.3 billion.
That averages out to $86.04 per person.
Shoppers are still paying more for food, with ground beef prices up nearly 12% compared to a year ago.
But the price of fresh chicken wings is cheaper, averaging $3.26 a pound.
Shrimp prices on average are also down 6.4% from last January.
Here's a saving tip: Canned soft drinks will cost more than bottled ones. That's partly because the cost of aluminum is higher.