STORM WATCH: Sunny Thursday ahead; tracking storm potentials for Friday

Thursday will see plenty of sunshine. Friday will see stormy weather for the latter half of the day.

Dave Curren

Jun 12, 2024, 10:32 AM

Updated 38 days ago


The weather remains quiet for the next day and a half. It will start getting interesting around New Jersey on Friday afternoon.
It's likely we will have some powerful storms push through between 3 pm. And 9 p.m. on Friday. When the storms first get to northwestern New Jersey around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m., a nasty squall line will need to be watched. Damaging wind-driven rain, hail, thunder and lightning will all be fueled by very warm and humid conditions throughout the day on Friday.
This week - starting on Thursday and ending on Friday - is just an appetizer of the heat that will be expanding into New Jersey next week. It is our first opportunity with multiple days of 90 degrees and hotter. If conditions reach 100 degrees remains to be seen.
OVERNIGHT: Clouds dissipate for clear skies overnight. Temperatures dip to around 64.
THURSDAY: Plenty of sunshine with highs reaching the upper-80s. Daytime lows dip to around 68.
FRIDAY: Stormy weather in the latter half of the day. Damaging storms are possible. Daytime highs reach the low-90s. Overnight lows around 63.
SATURDAY: Beautiful skies with daytime highs around 82. Overnight lows dip to 61.
SUNDAY: Father’s Day will feature plenty of sun with temperatures in the low-80s. Overnight temperatures will be around 64.
MONDAY: The new workweek starts off mostly sunny with daytime highs around 89 degrees. Lows dip to the upper-60s.

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