Study suggests about 30% of women will go on a date just for a free meal

A new study suggests that around 30% of women say that they have agreed to go on a date even though they were not romantically interested in the person, simply to get a free meal.
The study was performed by researchers at Azusa Pacific University and University of California, Merced, and appeared in the journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science.” The study dubbed the practice a “foodie call.”
According to the survey, women who exhibited signs of psychopathy, Machiavellianism or narcissism were most likely to partake in a “foodie call,” along with women who expressed traditional gender role beliefs.
News 12 New Jersey spoke to some state residents about what they thought about the practice. Some women said that they had no problem paying for their own meals – but understood why a woman may go on a date just to eat.
“That may be their only or best means to get a meal that day or that week,” said Phela Townsend of Highland Park.
Some of the men said that they had no issue paying for their date, but did not think it was appropriate for a woman to accept the date if she wasn’t interested.
“If you have no interest, that’s not fair. That’s leading them on and it’s not cool,” said John Tawfik of Colonia.
The researches also noted that “foodie calls” could occur in many types of relationships and could be executed by all genders.