STORM WATCH: Temps cool into the 40s overnight; tracking icy storm for Thursday night

New Jersey saw record-breaking warm temperatures on Wednesday, but residents should prepare themselves for icy conditions by Thursday night.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that the storm will begin Thursday evening and last into Friday. Friday’s morning commute has the potential to be dangerously icy.
Temperatures on Wednesday mostly reached the mid-60s and even rose to 70 degrees in Newark. But temperatures are expected to drop into the low-40s overnight.
Thursday will start off mostly cloudy with daytime highs around 38 degrees. Rain will begin by the evening hours and will transition to sleet and snow as temperatures drop overnight. Overnight lows will be around 30 degrees.
The precipitation will continue into Friday morning. Storm Watch forecasters say that icy roads will be a major concern. Drivers are urged to use caution when out. New Jersey residents are advised to avoid any unnecessary driving. The precipitation should clear out by Friday afternoon. Daytime highs should be around 38 degrees, with overnight lows around 19 degrees.
The weekend should see mostly sunny weather, with some clouds. But temperatures for both Saturday and Sunday will only be in the mid-30s and low-40s.