STORM WATCH: Possibility for severe thunderstorms, slight chance of tornadoes Saturday

Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that Saturday will see heavy rain with the potential for thunderstorms by the evening.

News 12 Staff

Mar 31, 2023, 11:24 AM

Updated 481 days ago


New Jersey has the potential to see dangerous weather Saturday evening.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that severe thunderstorms are possible, along with a slight chance for tornadoes.
WHAT’S NEXT: Saturday will start with rainy weather from around 5 a.m. until around noon. There is expected to be a bit of a break in the rain by the afternoon. There might be some isolated showers. Stormier weather will return by the evening hours. There is a possibility for severe thunderstorms, damaging winds and hail. There is also a slight chance for a tornado in northern New Jersey.
OVERNIGHT: Cloudy with some rain developing overnight. Lows in the 50s.
SATURDAY: Rain for most of the day with a break in the afternoon. Thunderstorms possible Saturday evening. Daytime highs reach the low-70s. Overnight lows around 53.
SUNDAY: Rain clears and temperatures drop. Mostly sunny skies. Daytime highs around 53 degrees. Overnight lows around 36.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny skies with some wind. Daytime highs around 61 degrees. Overnight lows around 31.
COMING UP: Temperatures warm into the 70s for Tuesday through Thursday. Mostly cloudy weather expected through Easter Sunday.

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