STORM WATCH: On-and-off rain lasts through Thursday afternoon; heavier at the Shore

Rain will impact New Jersey Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon. The Jersey Shore is expected to see the worst of the rain.

Dave Curren

Mar 27, 2024, 10:12 AM

Updated 116 days ago


On-and-off rain will impact New Jersey for the rest of Wednesday and into Thursday. The worst of the rain and the biggest collection of water will be at the Jersey Shore. Low-lying areas will have to deal with large puddles by Thursday morning.
TONIGHT: On-and-off showers. Visibility drops with rain and fog Lows between 42-38 degrees.
THURSDAY: Still showery. Highs around 53. The winds begin to kick up as the system slides off the beaches.
FRIDAY: Windy but sunny. Temperatures climb back to the mid-50s.
SATURDAY: The day is sun-filled. Daytime highs in the low-60s.
EASTER SUNDAY: Cloudy skies return, but the weather remains dry. Temperatures are mild in the low-60s.

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