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Stay away! Police warn of Bradley Beach sinkholes

Sinkholes in Bradley Beach have police warning visitors to stay clear.

News 12 Staff

Aug 16, 2022, 9:37 AM

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Sinkholes in Bradley Beach have police warning visitors to stay clear. 
The small sections of the beach will be fenced off for the remainder of the season, but the beach is open and is safe.
Bradley Beach Mayor Larry Fox says the two sinkholes were caused by outflow pipes. After 25 years of doing their jobs, there are apparently separations in the pipes that have led to a pair of sinkholes. One near McCabe and Ocean Park avenues and another near Lake Terrace are in need of repair. 
“Our outflow pipes take our stormwater from town and take it out to the ocean,” says Fox. “We have three outflow pipes in town. We contacted the Department of Environmental Protection, the Army Corps of Engineers who installed the pipes over 20 years ago and we’re doing some emergency repair and maintenance right now."
The areas will remain fenced off, at least until local summer wraps up.  
The mayor says the Army Corp mentioned it has seen this in a few towns recently and may coordinate repairs moving forward.  

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