Shop selling ‘Blue Line’ doughnuts, with profits going to family of slain Jersey City detective

Some tasty, and very special doughnuts, are on sale at Doughology in Atlantic Highlands, with all the profits going to the family of Detective Joseph Seals, who was killed last month in Jersey City.
 The shop is selling special "Blue Line" doughnuts until 6 p.m. today.
Jackie Stiansen, the 'Blue Line' doughnut maker, is married to a retired New York detective. She owns the original Doughology on Long Island, who have also raised money in the past for fallen New York officers' families.

Her cousin, Lisa Spinella, opened the Doughology in Atlantic Highlands. Along with her partner, Sal Stagnitta, a current New York police officer, they have brought the Blue Line Donut Fundraiser to the Garden State with all proceeds today benefiting the family of Seals.
This comes after New Jersey state troopers partnered up with the New York Jets last week to surprise the family of Seals.
The Seals’ family was given personalized jerseys with Detective Seals' name and badge number during a trip to the American Dream mega mall in East Rutherford.
Seals was killed in the line of duty by a man and woman in a confrontation near Bayview Cemetery. The duo later killed three people at a nearby kosher supermarket.
The shooters were later killed by police.
Authorities believe the attack at the market was fueled by anti-Semitism.
Seals was buried at a North Arlington cemetery – the town that he lived in with his family.
Seals was a married father of five.