State sales tax no longer applies to medical marijuana, thanks to ‘Jakes Law’

Some new legislation will impact the wallets of medical marijuana users – in a good way.
As of July 1, medical marijuana sales taxes were lowered from 2% to 0%. It is all thanks to the Honig family who fought for the legislation after their son’s five-year battle with cancer.
“Our biggest obstacle was running out of medicine, something that no parent should ever have to go through,” says Mike Honig, father of Jake Honig.
The Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act – better known as Jake’s Law – raised the monthly limit of medical marijuana from two ounces to three. It also eliminated the sales tax in phases.
“People are calling this the strongest medical marijuana bill in the country,” says Mike.
Chris Balekdjian owns Pipe NJ in Brick. He is also a medical marijuana patient. He says that it has changed his life.
“I suffer from an autoimmune disease, and it’s changed my life in the way that doctors push pills on you…I went from 15 pills to zero,” he says.
Medical marijuana patients say that thanks to advocates like the Honig family, patients do not have to leave New Jersey for expanded medical marijuana access.
“I’m here today and I feel great. I don’t know how to talk about it. So emotional,” says Belekdjian.
The Honig family says that while Jake may have lost his battle with cancer, his legacy lives on with the state’s medical cannabis legislation.