State police: Kidnapping victim’s heroic actions are the reason her captor was caught

Authorities say they are looking into the possibility that 57-year-old James Parrillo, also under the alias of Brett Parker, may have held other women against their will in the past.

News 12 Staff

Feb 21, 2023, 10:32 AM

Updated 515 days ago


New Jersey State Police are speaking for the first time since a man accused of holding a woman against her will for nearly a year has been charged. The woman’s escape was caught on camera. Police say that she managed to break free from her alleged captor’s home in Burlington County.
State police are also asking for the public’s help. They are asking anyone who may have had contact with 57-year-old James Parrillo to come forward.
“Even if somebody believes that they think the information or encounter is insignificant, we ask they come forward and reach out to that tip line,” says State Police Superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan.
Parrillo was arrested on Feb. 7. Police say that he kidnapped a woman that he met in New Mexico last year. He was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.
“New Jersey State Police sent out a request for information from all 50 states,” Callahan says.
Police say that Parrillo physically assaulted the woman and took away her phone and debit cards. They eventually made their way to New Jersey from out west and she managed to escape.
Authorities say the woman was heroic. Cameras inside a gas station capture the moment she ran into the storefront, deadbolting the door as a way to prevent Parrillo from entering.
“Her actions are the reason Mr. Parrillo has been apprehended, as well as being charged,” says Callahan.
Law enforcement officials are currently putting together a timeline of Parrillo's travels.
Police did not provide many details about h ow the victim is doing or if she has been reunited with her family.
Anyone with additional information regarding the defendant is urged to contact the New Jersey State Police at 855-363-6548.

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