State creamery concocts pork roll-flavored ice cream

A dairy farm in Fredon Township says it hopes customers will like its new ice cream flavor incorporating a regional favorite food, pork roll.
Windy Brow Farms says it has introduced the state's first "Taylor ham ice cream.” The specialty dessert mixes in French toast with actual pieces of pork roll.
The flavor was thought up by Windy Brown Farms managing partner Jacob Hunt, who says that is is part of a line of “Only in Jersey” flavors.
“Some people absolutely hate it. Some people love it. Some people don't quite get that it isn't Taylor ham-flavored ice cream because that would be really just nasty,” Hunt says. “But it's a sweet maple and there’s a really good play of sweet and salty in there.
The ice cream is made with caramelized bits of Taylor brand pork roll blended with New Jersey maple syrup. There is also challah bread French toast and cinnamon.
“Come and try it and if you hate it afterward, that's your opinion that's fine,” Hunt says. “But don't judge it before you try a scoop.”
Hunt says the ice cream will run through the summer.
Other flavors in the “Only in Jersey” line include sweet corn custard, ricotta tomato ice cream and cranberry creamsicle.