St. Peters' students never doubted their team would bring the March magic

There’s a reason the NCAA Tournament is called March Madness. Last night was the matchup that shattered brackets everywhere.  
St. Peter’s University defeated powerhouse University of Kentucky 85-79. Students at the small Jesuit School in Jersey City are elated over the win that resulted in the school’s website to crash. 
Sophomore Matthew Figuerla is calling the Peacocks the “alpha male” in the tournament. 
“The Peacocks are the alpha male animal,” says Figuerla. “The Peacocks are about to come out and they are about to shock the world." 
While many around the nation are mourning their ruined brackets because they thought St. Peter’s didn’t stand a chance, students like Cliff Achokah believed in the impossible. 
“Even though we’re the underdogs, we have faith in our team,” says Achokah. “I think we're going to go up to the Final Four - that's where I have them going." 
Figuerla says he has them going to the Sweet Sixteen. 
“I don't care - they can bust my bracket - they can go to the championship,” says Figuerla. 
St. Peter’s goes on to play No. 7 seed Murray State Saturday in Kentucky.