Spring Hill Assisted Living Facility vaccinates residents, family and staff in Morristown

Nearly 30 residents, family and staff at the Springs Hill Assisted Living Facility in Morristown were vaccinated Sunday, mostly for their second doses.
The Springs Hill Assisted Living Facility in Morristown has been free of coronavirus for six months. However, earlier in the pandemic, two residents from the facility died from the virus.
Gilbert Mueller, 80, is a resident of the facility. He has been married to his wife for 55 years, but he hasn't been able to see her in-person during the pandemic. He says he hopes this will change since he is vaccinated.
According to the COVID tracking project, around 35% of coronavirus deaths nationwide are from long-term care facilities.
In Morris County, 545 residents of long-term care facilities have died from COVID-19, and over 7,800 statewide.
Director of Resident Engagement Melanie Wallen says that even though all residents at the facility were vaccinated, it will still be a slow process back to normal.
“Our residents have been vaccinated, a majority of our staff have been vaccinated, so we have now added to the protection that we have,” Fallen says. “But, the world, outside people, are still waiting to get vaccinated so while we are step closer and closer to normalcy, there will still be a need to follow guidelines.”