Officials: South Jersey man arrested, accused of using drone to contaminate local pools with dye

An Absecon man has been accused of “terrorizing” neighbors with a drone and dropping dye into local pools in the Absecon and Galloway area, according to officials.
Officials say Patrick Spina IV, 45, flew his drone over multiple people's yards and dropped dye from the drone that turned people's pools green.
Absecon police say they received a call Aug. 13 from a concerned homeowner on Upland Avenue who reported suspicious activity after noticing a drone hovering over their pool. According to police, the homeowner said a substance was dropped from the drone that turned the pool water “an alarming shade of green.”
Officials say the substance dropped from the drone into the pools was Sea Dye, a material commonly utilized by sea rescue services. They say the use of this material in this context was not only illicit but also caused damage to the affected pools.
Officials say there were also similar reports from various other locations, including the Quality Inn in Galloway Township. They say the concrete pool base suffered damage due to the dye.
An investigation with police and the Federal Aviation Administration led the drone being tracked Friday over the Quality Inn. Officials say authorities tracked the drone's path back to Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, a business located in Galloway Township. Spina, who officials say was identified as the business owner, was found and arrested.
Spina is facing multiple counts of criminal mischief. He has since been released on a summons pending court proceedings.
Absecon and Galloway police are urging affected residents who faced similar activities to come forward and contact their local police agency. For Absecon incidents, contact Det. Neal Galletta #857 at 609-641-066, ext. 216. For Galloway incidents. contact DSFC. Jason Kiamos #77 at 609-652-3705, ext. 331.