South Brunswick police crack down on illegal commuter vans

South Brunswick police and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission cracked down on illegal commuter vans and buses with a surprise inspection Wednesday.
Officials have been teaming since 1999 on these surprise inspections to make the community safer.
“The safety of the passengers and also the safety of the motoring public,” says Sgt. Gary Holsten.
Holsten says that the inspections made sure that the drivers are properly licensed for the vehicles they are driving as well as for the purpose they are driving them for. They also made sure that the vehicles were properly registered and insured.
MVC officials were also out to inspect the vehicles themselves.
“It can be shocking to see how bad the brakes and steering are under the façade of a nice, clean registered vehicle,” Holsten says.
Officials say that 25 vans and buses were pulled over, but only two were impounded. Holsten says that a few years ago, as many as 10 vehicles would have been impounded.
“To me, that tells us we are having some impact, some success,” he says.
Several drivers were also issued summonses for equipment or licensing violations.
The police recommend passengers who feel they have no other choice than to get on the unsafe vans to call them. Reports can be made anonymously.