South Brunswick HS students required to wear masks this week following COVID-19 outbreak

Students at South Brunswick High School are once again required to wear masks in school and on the bus through this week.
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The news comes following an outbreak that resulted in 150 students either testing positive for COVID-19 or dealing with symptoms.
The outbreak is contained to the high school and has been traced to a district event last week.
According to the district’s COVID-19 dashboard, the number of students testing positive for the virus jumped dramatically on March 30. Twenty-one students tested positive on Wednesday and an additional 27 on Thursday. In response, the school went to half-days last Thursday and Friday.
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The regular schedule resumed Monday, but mask-wearing is back in play.  
The superintendent said in a statement that they will follow the data and expect to see a steady decline in cases before they move back to a mask-optional environment. He’s urging students to stay home if they feel sick or are showing any symptoms.