Sorry, New Jersey just does Christmas differently than other states!

A recent survey by the company Get Century Link found that New Jersey came out as 47th out of 50 in states with the most Christmas spirit.
But News 12 New Jersey’s Brian Donohue took issue with that survey and says that New Jersey just does Christmas a bit differently than other states.
One of the items that the survey looked at is the number of Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses. Donohue says that New Jersey is home to many amazing bakeries and markets and that many people aren’t buying gingerbread houses.
Donohue went to Corrado’s Market in Clifton, where many of New Jersey’s Italian residents were stocking up on fish for Christmas Eve.
“Marinara sauce, clams casino, baccala – two different ways,” says Pat Devone of Woodbridge.
But no gingerbread houses.
“Christmas is huge around here. New Jersey has such a diverse population. You've got Italian, you've got Spanish, you've got Eastern Europeans and everybody has their own traditions. So it's not your typical traditions you're going to find in New Jersey,” says Corrado’s owner James Corrado.
Another measurement Get Century Link used was the number of people tweeting about Christmas.
Donohue retorts that New Jerseyans don’t have time to be tweeting about Christmas. They have real Jersey things to do.
People like Tito Travieso, who spends his time riding around Bergen County in a cement mixer with 50,000 Christmas lights.
“You’ve got a dump truck with 50,000 lights. Who needs Twitter?” Donohue asked.
“Exactly. I’m on Facebook,” Travieso replied.
Another metric for Christmas spirit was the number of Christmas tree farms per capita.
Really? New Jersey has a giant makeshift Christmas tree at the Bayway refinery alongside the New Jersey Turnpike in Linden. The 150-foot tall Christmas tree even has flames shooting out of the top.
It doesn’t get much more Jersey than that.
Some of the other metrics the study used were internet searches for Elf on a Shelf, Christmas music downloads and charitable giving, an area where most studies rank New Jersey fairly high.