Somerset salon looks at client’s inner and outer beauty for a unique experience

A salon in Somerset County is trying to help its clients feel as good as they look.
"My mother made it her mission to recruit only that staff that would be able to extend her goals as a minister, and her goals as a business owner of positivity, and the customer is always right and just meeting the needs of folks where they are,” says Larry Lyons.
Truly Spoiled Salon and Boutique in Somerset aims to focus on outer and inner beauty.
“It’s not about me. It’s whose life can I touch,” says owner Myra Caldwell. "We never know at Truly Spoiled how a woman is coming through the door or what they've been through."
Lyons says that his mother started the business with the past perspective of “different tasks and goals and professions.” Caldwell has been a corrections officer, an accountant and a minister.
“I’ve taken a bit of each and brought it here to structure Truly Spoiled,” she says.
And Caldwell says that she has not let the pandemic slow down her business.
“We’ve had to restructure the salon for social distancing…We’ve had to pick up more days a week…We set up stations for sanitizing, make sure we do temperatures,” she says.
And Caldwell says that each session is an opportunity to style and touch a client’s soul.
“We want to give them that experience of a family,” she says.
Truly Spoiled opened to the public seven years ago.