Some NJ restaurants implement 90-minute table limit in attempt to turn more tables, increase revenue

Restaurants across New Jersey are still operating at a 50% capacity, and in an attempt to turn more tables and increase revenue, some spots are implementing a 90-minute table limit.
Old Glory in Keyport began limiting customers to 90 minutes once indoor dining was allowed again.
Some customers, such as Bill Avery, of Belford, like it.
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"I think it's a good move because you have people waiting to get in,” says Avery. “It's not just now, it's anytime. I think it’s rude for people to sit at a table after they're finished eating and just talk and talk when you're at an eating establishment and you should get up and go."    
Others, like Henry Jacom, of Matawan, not so much.
"I feel that the limit to eating is not really good because people need to enjoy their time while they eat with their family and when you're eating you have to enjoy yourself and being forced out at a certain time is not fun," says Jacom. 
At Old Glory, the time limit begins as soon as people are seated, and as the restaurant says, the warmer the weather gets, the harder it is to enforce.