New Jersey officials prepare to fight New York’s congestion pricing plan as new details revealed

The Traffic Mobility Board is still working through the details of its congestion pricing plan.
On Monday night, it presented four pricing scenarios that would depend on the time of day and type of vehicle. The cost of driving through the Central Business District areas south of 60th Street could range from $9 to $23.
Officials say their goal is to keep toll costs down, but Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer said in a statement the proposed credits are “a joke” compared to what this will cost families every day.
“The credits don’t even apply to the George Washington Bridge. How can we take these scenarios seriously when New York is already putting up toll cameras that will whack Jersey drivers?” Gottheimer said.
Gov. Phil Murphy's office said in a statement:
“The scenarios identified by the Traffic Mobility Review Board leave no room for doubt: this proposed tolling program remains a fundamentally flawed and unjust scheme to balance the MTA’s budget at the expense of hardworking New Jerseyans. We will continue to fight this unfair tolling program on behalf of our commuters and residents.”
Board leaders say the decrease in toll costs could mean removing some toll exemptions and discounts for certain drivers. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is hoping to gain $15 billion from the congestion pricing plan, which will fund other projects.
Officials say there will still be three more public meetings before the board approves a formal toll recommendation.
It's unclear how this will impact taxi and Uber drivers who are not exempt from congestion pricing.