Snow shortage cuts cash flow for landscapers

While many residents are glad the snow turned to rain Tuesday night, those who rely on the white stuff for greenbacks are disappointed with the mild winter weather.
Some landscapers in Roseland rely on snow removal to pay bills during the winter months. However, they say when there is a lack of snow, their businesses suffer.
?[The] biggest snowstorm here was 3 to 4 inches, kind of pathetic,? says Kevin Macken, who owns a landscaping company.
Those who remove snow say when the snow does come and turns to an icy, slushy mix, it makes their jobs harder. Some say even though they work overtime, they can?t charge for the additional time or work.
?It slows everything up ? people on the roads, getting to the job site,? Macken says. ?It makes the snow heavier.?
Meanwhile, the lack of snow and snow removal costs have been a good thing at the Roseland Department of Public Works.
?Where we see a greater cost savings due to less storms ? it?s a plus to a municipality. Any municipality in the state of New Jersey,? Gary Schall, of the Roseland DPW, says.
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