Snow, ice and rain make for a messy day in New Jersey

New Jersey residents woke up Wednesday morning to a mixture of snow, ice and rain.
Parts of the northwestern portion of the state saw up to 5 inches of snow, prompting dozens of schools to cancel classes or open late.
With schools empty and the roadways clear, plow truck drivers were free to get to work clearing and salting the roads to make them safe for travel.
Franklin Borough resident Michael Clint said he was going to delay some of his shoveling because of the icy rain. He said that he would leave a layer of snow on the ground so that the ice on top would be easier to push.
“This is nothing. We’ve seen a lot worse,” Clint said. “Still waiting for the good one this year.”
Other Sussex County residents also said that they were unimpressed with Wednesday’s snow event.
“We’re just kind of used to the cold weather, so when we get a snow day it’s just kind of a normal thing,” said Wallkill Valley Regional High School student Samantha Karpowicz. 
But Franklin Borough residents Joan Nunez and James Bernal said that they are not used to this type of snow.  They just moved to the borough from Jersey City and had to stay home from work.
"Couple weeks ago, when it was that bad, I went in and it took me two hours to go there, two hours to come back.  So I'm not trying to go through that today,” Nunez says.
News 12 New Jersey forecasters say that most of the state is expected to see slick, icy roadways during the nighttime and overnight hours. The ice could also cause trees and power lines to fall down.
New Jerseyans are urged to use caution if they venture outside Wednesday night.
The weather is expected to be sunny but cold for Thursday.