Shovel brigade makes its way around Ocean Township helping neighbors

A shovel brigade is making its way around a Monmouth County town, helping neighbors in the wake of a snowstorm that dropped more than 10 inches of snow on parts of the state.
About 20 people, led by Ocean Township Mayor Chris Siciliano, converged on a senior housing complex to shovel out cars that had been plowed in by snow.
“Everybody here is using canes and walkers and wheelchairs. We can’t do this and the plow company plows us in,” says resident Patricia Brennan.
Brennan called the mayor during the last snowstorm looking for help. Siciliano delivered then and now with volunteers willing to help.
“Today exceeded my expectations. I actually have kids from the schools, various clubs…They saw the post and said, ‘Can we help?’ I said, ‘The more strong backs the better,’” the mayor said.
Among the group was a handful of teens from the local high school who had a remote-half day at school and no track practice. So, they decided to give a helping hand.
“My mom saw it on Facebook, so I texted and we all decided to come out to help people who need to be shoveled,” says student Kelly Foster.
“Life is kind of boring right now, so we are like, ‘Why not come out here and help out?’” says student Emily Brown. “We aren’t doing anything else.
After shoveling out cars at Heritage Village, the group then headed to another spot on the other side of town to help there.