Parts of New Jersey encased in ice following winter storm

There was a lot of shoveling and de-icing on Friday following a winter storm that dropped more than 10 inches of snow and covered most of New Jersey in ice.
Many New Jerseyans started their morning clearing snow from their cars and removing the casing of ice.
“Pretty thick layer of ice. Seems like a good quarter-inch thick on the windshield and all around,” says Hoboken resident Mark North.
In Union City, residents took out all the tools to get the job done; scrapers, shovels, snow blowers, and even some brooms.
Lifelong Union City brothers Peter and Jason Brig teamed up to clear their vehicles, sidewalks and driveways which had not just layers of snow and ice, but slush as well.
“Everything’s covered with a sheet of ice. It’s very dangerous out for walking and driving,” says Peter Brig.
The brothers said that they were careful to remove all of the ice and snow so that no one slipped and fell.
Icy road conditions will be a concern during Friday’s overnight hours. Drivers are urged to use caution on the roadways.