Shoppers flock to New Jersey malls despite uptick in COVID-19 cases

The holiday season is in full swing and shoppers at Menlo Park Mall were out in full force Tuesday ready to spend money.
In spite of the pandemic, hordes of people were out in search of the perfect holiday gift. Standalone stores were also packed.
Shoppers tell News 12 they've been mixing it up between ordering online and buying in person.
Dina Agadzr, of Edison, says she's not concerned while shopping.
"No not at all. It seems like everyone is social distancing and keeping the masks on and doing the good thing," says Agadzr.
The Woodbridge Center was also packed with long lines of cars with people trying to cram in their last-minute shopping.
Shoppers also tell News 12 that they resorted to shopping in person because online packages hadn't arrived or were delayed.
Yolanda Williamson was out shopping with her granddaughter because her online orders were delayed.
"Things I ordered never came on time, I ended up canceling," says Williamson. "Or they said they were delivered and they weren't."
One shopper expressed concern about the crazy parking lot, saying more policing is needed.