Shelter volunteer finds neglected dog left in box amid sweltering temps

A female poodle is now recovering after she was found in a cardboard box out in the hot sun in the parking lot of an animal shelter.
Volunteers at the Tinton Falls Humane Society have named the dog Halle. Veterinarians say that the dog had been neglected for months. They had to shave off matted fur and treat sores and a flea infection.
Volunteer Meghan Lynch says that she found Halle inside the box near the end of the shelter’s parking lot. She says that the dog was gasping for air because it was so hot outside.
“She was moments away from death. She was literally baking in the sun. It was 100 degrees [Wednesday] and she was in direct sunlight,” Lynch says.
A note was found on the box that read, “Found this poor thing on a cleaning job. NO idea what to do. Found in Howell.” The staff says that the person who found the dog did not attempt to contact anyone inside the shelter and left the dog to die.
“You can’t breathe. Imagine being in a hot car, sitting out in the sun and you can’t get yourself out of the way,” says animal shelter office manager Lindsey Papa.
The staff says that they hope that someone will come forward with Halle’s history and whether or not she has any underlying medical conditions. They say that it is obvious that the dog suffered years of neglect.
They also say that they want to know who left the dog in the box in their parking lot.
Halle is expected to be put up for adoption in a few weeks if she is able to get well enough. But the staff at the shelter says that in the meantime, there are dozens of other loving dogs who are looking for a new home.