Several business still closed at River Edge strip mall following collapse

Major repair work continues at a River Edge strip mall following the collapse of a facade on July 3.
The collapse at Kress Plaza on Kinderkamack Road damaged several vehicles and left some people trapped inside businesses for a short time.
Several businesses in the strip have remained closed due to the repairs. A few have been able to only recently reopen.
“No income for everyone here obviously during that period. That was a really tough weekend for everyone. [The Fourth of July] is when a lot of people make their money around here,” says building owner Barry Wong.
The business owners say that the ordeal has brought them closer together, as well as closer to the community as a whole.
The Lions Club is organizing a fundraiser event where the proceeds will go to the businesses.
“It’ll feel better when everything is open. When we have more traffic, people walking by,” says Hair We Are owner Beverly Antoci.
The Lions Club will also help the store owners get through the massive amounts of paperwork they now face to get their businesses back up and running.