Secaucus announces plans to install new state-of-the-art cameras at all entrances and exits in town

A new public safety initiative will help solve and deter crime in Secaucus, police say.
Police say they plan to monitor new state-of-the-art cameras that will be placed at all entrances and exits in the town. The cameras will be monitored solely by police and will provide alerts under certain conditions, such as a reported stolen vehicle entering or leaving the town. These cameras will also be able to read license plates.
This initiative is supported by the police department, town council and mayor. They say the cost is estimated to be about $500,000, which will be paid through funds in the current budget.
There is no exact timeline on when theses cameras will be online since they still need to be purchased, delivered, installed, trained on and then activated.
“Despite the fact that our town has one of the lowest levels of crime in Hudson County, we are continually looking for ways to enhance public safety,” said Mayor Michael Gonnelli. “We ensure the highest quality of training and tools are available to our police department so they can deter crime and enhance the safety of the town. I have no doubt the installation of cameras will benefit the police department as well as our residents and business community.”
Police say they have just over 170 streets to patrol. The town took additional steps last week by handing out free steering wheel locks to residents.