School: Toms River student’s Trump 2020 flag did not violate any rules

An Ocean County school district is investigating a student’s claim that two teachers told him to take down his Trump 2020 flag during virtual classroom lessons.
Toms River North High School student Anthony Ribiero told News 12 New Jersey that one teacher told him that if he did not take down his pro-President Donald Trump flag, then he would have to leave the class. Ribiero says that he did not want to take the flag down, so he left.
Ribiero says that he eventually did agree to take the flag down when another teacher told him to remove it and he was afraid it would affect his grades.
But now school officials say that the flag did not violate any school rules.
“Regarding the recent incident at High School North, the district is handling the matter internally. The student was not in violation of any general code of conduct or any policy specifically related to virtual learning. We have worked with and are continuing to work with all involved parties to resolve the issue and move forward,” a spokesperson for the school district told News 12 in a statement.
The Ribiero family says that they want an apology from the teachers.