School district moves to ban 'pay-for-extra-credit' offers

A Bergen County school district has drafted a policy for granting extra credit after a teacher allegedly offered it to students if they bought $20 tickets to a charity music festival.
Ridgewood Superintendent Daniel Fishbein says extra credit would remain at the discretion of teachers and couldn't be requested by students or parents under the policy developed by district administrators. It states extra credit should relate to the curriculum, can't impact a student's grade more than 1% and can't require any fee or purchase of goods.
News 12 New Jersey previously reported that a parent spoke at a school board meeting explaining that her daughter was denied extra credit points for work one day. But then the teacher offered extra credit the next day in exchange for buying a $20 ticket for a fundraiser.
The new policy is expected to have its first reading when the board meets in July.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.