School board considers reversing controversial cheerleading policy

The president of the East Hanover School Board says that the board is considering reversing a controversial new policy regarding the cheerleading squad.
The Hanover Park High School athletic director recently changed the school policy about cheerleading tryouts to make it so that any student who wished to join the squad was allowed. This was supposedly done after a parent complained that her daughter was cut from the squad.
But the decision caused outrage among some members of the squad, who showed up at Wednesday’s school board meeting to express their disappointment at the decision. The teens say that they worked hard to earn their spots and did not think that it was fair for students to be allowed on the team who did not earn it. They asked the board to reverse the decision.
The school board president tells News 12 New Jersey that the board is taking the request under advisement and will have a decision at a later date.