Sarah Stern murder trial could start this September

The murder trial for a man accused of killing his former friend and high school classmate could begin by the end of the summer.
Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Richard English indicated that Liam McAtasney’s trial could begin by the second week of September.
McAtasney’s defense attorney said during a hearing Monday that he will not appeal a ruling that would let the jury see a video of McAtasney allegedly admitting to the crime.
McAtasney is accused of killing former childhood friend Sarah Stern in December 2016. Prosecutors say that McAtasney killed Stern so that he could steal thousands of dollars from her.
McAtasney and his roommate, Preston Taylor, allegedly threw Stern’s body off the Route 35 Bridge into the Shark River below and staged the scene to look like a suicide. Stern’s body was never found.
Taylor pleaded guilty to his role in Stern’s death. He is expected to testify during the trial.