Sarah McLachlan performance raises funds for Mary’s Place by the Sea

Grammy Award winner Sarah McLachlan performed Saturday night to raise money for a New Jersey program that helps women with cancer.
McLachlan recalled her own family's battles with cancer during a visit to Mary's Place by the Sea, an Ocean Grove respite for women with cancer.
"I lost my mother and my father to cancer. I was with them throughout all their treatment. I was their advocate at the cancer clinic,” says McLachlan.

McLachlan performed a benefit concert Saturday for Mary's Place.

Mary's Place was founded by Michelle Gannon and Maria McKeon.
Women are able to stay up to three days in the oceanfront resort, receiving spiritual development and physical relaxation in a spa. All services are provided free of charge.

Since Mary’s Place opened, it has welcomed more than 8,000 women undergoing cancer treatment, with some coming from as far away as Alaska.

“The fact that this place exists is a beautiful thing, and I wish these kinds of places existed all over the country for people,” says McLachlan.