Sahara Sam’s Water Park increases employment incentives to bolster staff roster

“Help wanted” signs can be seen in many windows of businesses across New Jersey this summer. There is one water park in southern New Jersey that is hoping to entice workers by upping the incentives.
“School is out. Beginning in July, all the way up to probably I would say September, is going to be our main crunch this time of the year,” says Sahara Sam’s Water Park manager Rashawn Garrett.
But finding staff to keep up with the guest count at Sahara Sam’s in West Berlin has been a struggle this year.
"We actually upped our pay to kind of be competitive with the industry, especially in our area right now. So all positions across the board are at $15 [per hour],” Garrett says. "Right now we're actually offering a bonus program for front line team members for the month of June all the way through September."
In addition to the pay incentives, the park also lowered the minimum age to work from 16 to 15. They say that they will provide all of the lifeguards training on site to make it easier for people to apply.
"We have the instructors here that are willing to guide people through the training process and help them grow in that and I think that's a huge win for us because, one we have a lot of kids that it's their first job. It's a first time being employed by a facility like this,” Garrett says.
Sahara Sam’s is still looking to hire about 75 people. And with it getting busier starting next week, the park managers hope they can staff the park before making cuts.
"Throughout the summer operation, you may see us kind of doing temporary ride closures to move staffing throughout the facility to accommodate that. But hopefully in the next few weeks, we will be able to ramp up our staffing to be able to do everything full operation-wise,” Garrett says.
While lifeguards can be 15 years old, the park says that staff members have to be at least 16 to work in the food and beverage areas.
Anyone interested in a position can apply at the park’s website.