Safety concerns arise during Hanukkah celebrations

Hanukkah is a special time for the Jewish community. This year, it comes amid the Israel-Hamas war.
Some people are hesitant to put their faith on display this year due to an uptick in antisemitic incidents amid the Israel- Hamas war. However, one Jewish leader from New Jersey told News 12 that this only reinforces his need to express solidarity with the Jewish community.
Ben Hoffer, a member of The Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, says the organization is all about trying to bring light into the darkness.
“So, it's actually in this time right now where the world seems to be closing in around us and the darkness seems to only be getting more and more tangible every day that our light becomes only that much more important, and frankly that much more impactful,” Hoffer said. “I will not be cowed into taking down my symbols of Judaism. I will only want to show more."
Hoffer says he understands why other people may choose not to publicly express their faith this year. He too is concerned for the safety of his own family, but he says the Jewish community has survived dark times in the past and he has no doubt they will do it again.