9 safe ways to interact with Santa before Christmas

Santa is working hard to make it possible for children to see or listen to him before Christmas!
Whether your kids are looking to see Father Christmas from a distance, or listen to him over the phone, here are some ways you can safely interact with Saint Nick this year: 

1. Recorded and live video chat

Talk to Santa offers both personalized recorded videos from Santa, or a live video chat with the Big Man himself!

2. Personalized video

The Portable North Pole is a favorite place of parents for creating a free, personalized video from Santa. 

3. Live phone call

The website Santa 1-on-1 lets you schedule a call to have your kids talk to Santa. Rates depend on the time of the year. Or ask a friend with a jolly Santa voice for help, and set aside some time to call your family and pretend to be Santa.

4. Social media

Look for ways to interact with Santa on social media! Check out Santa Claus Live on Facebook, for example. The page offers many interactive ways to connect with Santa. On Christmas Eve he will share some Christmas magic and update you live on how his night delivering presents is going. 

5 . Email Santa

Fill in the blanks of a standard "Dear Santa" letter, and moments later you'll have a personalized reply from the big man himself to read on screen or print. Here you can also find Santa’s nice and naughty list!

6. Write a letter

The U.S. Postal Service can help you prove that Santa exists! Santa replies to your child’s letter — complete with the North Pole Postmark! The Greetings from the North Pole Post Office program add to the excitement of Christmas and are ideal for getting kids interested in letter writing, stamps and penmanship.

7. ReindeerCam

Head over to ReindeerCam to watch a live stream of Santa's reindeer! Santa comes out to feed his reindeer several times a day. Users can tune in Monday through Friday at 11 a.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. to see him feed the reindeer. St. Nick also comes out at 6 p.m. on the weekends. On the website, you can also watch Santa read bedtime stories!

8. Mall

Although many stores will not have Santa this year, including Macy's flagship New York City store, there are many malls and stores that are finding ways to make it safe to see Saint Nick. Bass Pro Shops will put Santa behind plexiglass screens. Simon Malls will offer a socially distanced holiday experience. Check with your local mall for what their plans are. Click here to see what guests should expect before going to a Cherry Hill Programs Santa experience.

9. Go local

Check out spots in your town to see Santa, like the local nursery. Many may be offering social distancing events where you’ll be able to see Santa. Other places, like Storybook Experiences, will offer a safe way to see and take photos with Santa - who will be wearing a mask and face shield that will “magically” disappear once you get the photos. Don’t forget to call ahead and ask about restrictions. And don’t forget your masks!