Rutgers, Princeton requiring all students, staff to get boosted before return to campus at the end of the month

Students and staff over the next week at Rutgers University and Princeton are returning to campus for the spring semester but are required to get a booster shot.
Students are scheduled to return to class on Jan. 31.
At Kean University, the sidewalks will be filled with students next week. This week, however, they're tucked away in dorms still taking classes remotely.
Student Amanda Sweeney says she can't wait to get back in classroom.
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"The professors will see what I'm working on, and it's easier to see what improvements I need to make or where they want to see me going, and there's a lot more student interaction," Sweeney says.
As of now, the state school is not mandating booster shots.
"I'm OK with it not being mandated. I feel like being vaccinated the requirement is enough," says student Dale Sprague.
Some students do not want the booster, but at some other colleges that News 12 New Jersey looked into, students who get sick will need to quarantine.
At Kean University, if a student tests positive for COVID-19, they'll have to quarantine in their room. However, there's a chance they'll need to isolate at another dormitory altogether.
"The isolation dorm, I think is a very smart idea. I know people who have been isolated and they're very accommodating. They get you meals and everything like that," Sweeney says.
Kean, the College of New Jersey, and Princeton all have isolation dormitories so that campuses don't become super-spreaders.
At Princeton, 99% of the student body is vaccinated. Students are testing twice a week and the school is very open about where they stand.
Princeton's COVID-19 dashboard shows that most recently, there were 225 positive cases with a positivity rate of 2.9%.
All colleges will be monitoring cases and enforcing rules as the new semester starts.
These stringent rules are to steer clear of anymore remote learning, as students desperately want to avoid any more of it.
Universities are also adopting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules when it comes to length of quarantine. Those who are vaccinated will only need to quarantine for five days.
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