Rutgers OKs deal to bring back Greg Schiano as head football coach

Greg Schiano is back as Rutgers football coach after the university's Board of Governors unanimously approved an agreement to bring back the former Scarlet Knights coach to lead the program.
The 53-year-old gets an eight-year, $32 million deal and will be offered lucrative bonuses for championship and bowl appearances. He will also be offered bonuses based on the number of season ticket sales.
But not everyone was feeling the nostalgia. Anthropology professor David Hughes called the contract a waste of money, criticized the board for not showing up in person, and says the school will continue to lose millions on this deal.
"It's a bit like having, you know, an imperial overlord come in and take your money and give it to this one guy who is going to lose a lot more of your money," says Hughes, Vice-President AAUP-AFT faculty labor union.
The contract is dated Nov. 30. of this year through Feb. 28, 2028.
A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday.
The New Jersey native went 68-67 at Rutgers from 2001-11 and turned the Scarlet Knights into consistent winners after years of being one of the worst major college football programs in the country.