Rutgers doctor: Public must be on board with COVID-19 vaccine to defeat pandemic

Many people remain nervous about potential side effects as pharmaceutical companies around the world develop COVID-19 vaccines.
New data shows that the nervousness is based on the lack of knowledge about the vaccine, but an infection disease expert at Rutgers University says that people need to get over that fear.
Rutgers School of Public Health Dean Dr. Perry Halkitis says that if the pandemic is to end, and the old way of life is to resume, the public-at-large must take the COVID-19 vaccine. He says that every vaccine has side effects.
According to experts, the COVID-19 vaccine's side effects are relatively mild. People who've taken part in the trials say they've dealt with headaches, fatigue and muscle aches for a day and then they are gone.
A recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll says between 36% and 47% of people questioned say they will not get the vaccine.
"I am hoping that we are going to have some high-profile figures, and then some people from within our communities saying I took the vaccine," says Dr. Halkitis.
Halkitis says if it is to work, there has to also be an education component about the vaccine and constant communication to remind people to get their shots.
Dr. Halkitis says leaders need to engender trust and communication to get doubters to believe in this vaccine.