Roof of Linden warehouse partially caves in due to snow

The roof of a Linden warehouse partially caved in early Saturday from heavy amounts of snow sitting atop it, according to the town’s deputy fire chief.
Linden Deputy Fire Chief Salvatore Principato says the incident happened around 4:30 a.m. on Brunswick Avenue.
He says a small section of the roof caved in around 4 feet after a girder supporting it snapped.
Firefighters responded to Building P inside the Goethals Park Office Center after the collapse snapped a sprinkler-system pipe, triggering a water-flow alert to the Linden Fire Department.
Firefighters shut the sprinkler system off to part of the building and the city building inspector came out to check on the damage.
Principato says the fallen portion of the roof will have to be shored up.
The building was vacant at the time.
There are no reports of any injuries.